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August 27, 2010
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Snowmint's Capture --- Chapter 10

Stagwing watched as his sister, Blisscloud, walked away with the only cat he'd ever love, Snowmint.

Snowmint turned around at the entrance of the Windclan tunnel leading towards the fading sun ahead. The blood from the battle began to seep into the ground. Most of the dead cats had been carried away.

Stagwing realized, after seeing Rashstar's  torn up body, that he was now the leader.

Blisscloud padded over to her brother, she drew her tail from around her and brought it to a halt on his bold shoulder.

"I must go to my mate. Good luck with Windclan. I hope you understand why I will not be returning."

Stagwing nodded, remembering the pain his sister endured after maurning the loss of her kit and mate. She hoped that she would be successful in having her kit return to her.

"Farewell. I'll always miss you and I love you." He rubbed his cheek against her's but as he spoke, he stared longingly at Snowmint.


Sundeep and Faintcoat carried Fogstorm back to camp. Sundeep was a tall tabby brown tom with black and ginger spots and flecks. Faintcoat was a pale tom with fading gray legs and muzzle.

You would have never know their actual fur color because of the dried blood covering them from ear to tail.

Whitecoal had her dead apprentice in her jaws. His limp, small body was swaying slightly in the breeze. Whitecoal felt terrible until she saw a star twinkle in the purple sky that reassured her. 'Now you're a warrior in Starclan.'

Snowmint and Blisscloud went to Riverclan instead, sneaking around the river in order to get to the nursery. Blisscloud was soon reunited with her deaf son, now a few moons old and full of baby fat. He almost chirped in happiness as he was brought back to his mother.

She carried her son, a beautiful white, ginger, and brown tom with light tabby markings and pure blue eyes, back to his father, Wind.

"Oh, Whiteburn, I've missed you so much!" She leaped at him while her son giggled to himself watching his parents acting like silly apprentices.

"That's my name?" He asked as his mate laughed and covered him in licks.

Snowmint smiled half-heartedly, remembering the relationship she lost with Stagwing.


Several moons passed since the battle. Stagstar took over Windclan and restored peace. He took a mate and had several kittens. Eventually when she died, he got another mate and had more kits. He never loved his mates quite like he loved Snowmint. One of his daughters he named Mintkit because of her white fur, although her eyes were green and she had a black dot over one. She eventually became his apprentice.

Snowmint took Faintcoat as a mate but he was unable to have kittens. She moved onto Sundeep and they had one kitten. She wasn't albino. She wasn't tailless, and she didn't have a heart over an eye. She looked just like her father. Her name was Fawnkit (now Fawnpaw), in memory of Snowmint's first love. Whiteburn and Blisscloud continued to serve Thunderclan, their son, Silentsong, grew into a fine cat, never a true warrior, but he helped Beetlewing and the apprentices. He ended up losing his baby fat and looked handsome enough for Fawnpaw to grow a huge crush on him.

Yewfrost, Twineheart, and Splatbelly finally passed away. Snowmint retired early from being deputy in order to raise her kit and live with Sundeep. She loved him a lot, maybe more than she ever loved Stagwing. Heatwave took over as deputy and even fell for Faintcoat after Snowmint moved on. Jagpaw (now Jagpelt) became a warrior without Shockpaw, and Smallpaw earned her medicine cat name,  Smallstorm, after her mother, Fogstorm.

Stormcry and Splatbelly watched Thunderclan from Starclan. They turned to their son Webcatcher and their daughter Twineheart. Next to Webcatcher was his mate and their daughter Sunspots. Sunspots smiled at her grandmother until something brushed up against her. She turned around laughing as Snowstorm crept passed her. The albino tom nodded at his mother and joined the cats looking at Thunderclan.

"Its good to be out of the dark" He said to Stormcry.

She nodded to herself and whispered to him, "Its good to be good."

The tom looked down at Loststar and the rest or Thunderclan and couldn't help but smile.
Snowmint's Capture

The final chapture of the whole series. I hope you enjoyed it! I might make an epilogue if there's enough popularity in it.

I might even make another fanfic...But not anytime soon. I'll start another contest soon, so be ready for it!

Warriors Erin Hunter
Story and Characters Shadowgaze
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I'm did Silentsong become a warrior if he was deaf? Bluestar Speckletail that Snowkit could never been a warrior for he would be able to hear and Speckletail tried to mentor him but he kept thinking she was playing.

How did ThunderClan teach Silentsong to be a warrior with no hearing
Will you make another story? maybe about Fawnpaw?
Shadowgaze Jun 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I want to write a new one, it would be more about Stagstar's daughter, Mintkit :]
that would work. I still feel bad for him though
Awwww such a heartwarming ending! :meow:
Shadowgaze Jan 8, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome job :D
rexyplexy Sep 29, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, the ending is pretty sad but kinda happy in the same twisted way D:

But it has inspired me to write my own Warriors fanfic :D (I had this idea for a long time, but I never started to write it till now XD)
Shadowgaze Sep 30, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you!
I'm glad I helped inspire you! Send me a link when your story is up, please!
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