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June 19, 2010
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Snowmint's Capture --- Chapter 8

Snowmint stared at Stagwing with the look of death in her gaze.

"I need to escape." She said, remembering how he referred to her as an object the day before., not realizing it was because he needed to save her.

"I know, I'll help yo--"

"GRAH!" Rashstar jumped out from behind the ferns that sheltered Stagwings den. The large ugly tom's face was filled with anger and a dash of sickening happiness. Stagwing's heart dropped to his tail.

Rashstar smiled his yellow fangs. "Traitor!" He spit in his deputy's face. In his blind rage he bit down into Snowmint's back, not enough to kill her, sweeping her out of the den to his own.



Loststar's mind was wheeling. Heatwave felt a chill rush down her spine. She glanced at her leader and noticed the brown queen jump from the chill.

"Snowstorm." She said. She looked around, "Something's wrong."

She looked over her small troop: Lushface, Berrysplatter, Sundeep, his apprentice Jagpaw, Faintcoat, Whitecoal, her apprentice Shockpaw, and Fogstorm. Beetlewing and Smallpaw quickly sorted through herbs for their fellow clan mates.

"We leave as soon as the first star touches the sky."


Snowmint was in the corner of the leader's den. It smelled rancid and of many, many cats. Fur. Breath. Blood. It was a torture chamber.

"You used my deputy to try and escape, you filthy queen."

Snowmint hissed in her defense. She was so weak from being underfed by the clan and from sitting in the same nest all day for a moon. She knew she couldn't fight him off.

"You're mother's father had the right idea--"

"Slasher was a horrible cat!"

"He also made you're mother into a beautiful she-cat and a leader. And you, you're so unique. A perfect addition to my collection of queens!" He laughed in his hoarse voice and edged towards the she-cat.

"NO-----!" She screamed as a gust of cold air blew into the den. She hoped that it was Stagwing. Instead a shadowy figure covered in stars jumped onto Rashstar. Snowmint thought for a minute that her soul had burst from her chest until she realized that this was another cat who looked just like her.


She wanted to leap in joy, but as the dead rogue fought off her attacker, she sneaked out of the camp.

A guard outside the den leaped at Snowmint about to rip off her ears when Stagwing pushed the guard away struggling in the dust.

"Run! Run to Thunderclan!"

Snowmint nodded at Stagwing. She couldn't bare to leave him, but she had to. This might be the last time she could ever look at him wondering what their future could be like if she stayed and obeyed. Kits. Love. Cuddling. Sharing Tongues. She shook her head. Her place was in Thunderclan. Remembering her promise to Blisscloud, she rushed to the Warriors den.

"Blisscloud, quick!"

The beautiful she-cat ran out of the den to Snowmint's side.

"Let's get out of here!"

Suddenly warriors began to pour in around the she-cats. Stagwing managed to wiggle his way passed the others to protect his sister and his love.

"RASHSTAR'S DEAD!" A large tom yelled to the crowd. "The albino killed him!"

Snowmint hoped that a revolution would begin. Snowstorm killed the evil leader. 'Now the clan could get back to normal, right?'

The tom who spoke ran up to Snowmint. Stagwing stood in front of her and glared at the tom, his tail swinging violently back and forth.

"We must avenge him!"

Shouts of agreement rose from the toms standing in a circle around the three cats.



Loststar could just see her daughter from the hill.

Snowmint's Capture

Previous: [link]

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Characters & Story Shadowgaze
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Kafoo329 Jun 24, 2010
waaaaaah!!!!! oh no! my goodness, i love your writing!!!
Faith-Wolff Jun 21, 2010   Digital Artist
O.M.G! :omg: awesome!
Slasher was a great cat. I'll always salute him. 8D

Anyways, well that was very unexpected of Snowstorm to pop out. W onder what Loststar'll say when she find out. XD
Shadowgaze Jun 20, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hee hee
CricketCorgi Jun 20, 2010
Omggggg! XD This is insane! You are amazing :worship:
Shadowgaze Jun 20, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! :hug:
Freedom5000 Jun 20, 2010  Student General Artist
finally... :iconiloveyouplz:
wonderful! absolutely amazing! :clap:
Shadowgaze Jun 20, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Freedom5000 Jun 20, 2010  Student General Artist
no problemo!
Go Snowstorm! I knew he should of killed that poor excuse for a cat sooner.
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