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January 19, 2010
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Stormcry's Phophecy --- Chapter 1

Wasp-paw knocked over her small opponent for the third time. Stormpaw was covered with sand and dust. She sneezed in an adorble high-pitched voice which made her best friend let out a hearty laugh. He walked over to her from the side of the training hollow. He was large, with a dark gray pelt. His face, legs, ears, and tail tip, the color of a raven.

Solemnpaw brushed up against her. Stormpaw felt her face get hot, and she looked downward in embarrassment as he pressed his nose against her pink one.

"Wasp-paw is older and bigger than you, its not your fault. Its your first time training." He whispered.

"I'm just not good enough. I can't run fast because of my legs. I'm too small. I have bad balance because I have no tail--"

Solemnpaw began laughing. "You're letting them get to you. We're all different, we all have problems to over come. Embrace your difference, and your enemies will be powerless."

Stormpaw nodded, and walked over to her mentor who looked dissappointed. He was a large blue-gray tom, he's jaw always seemed to be in a snarl, and his muscular legs held huge paws complete with pointed claws that screamed 'deadly'. Bluemoon was his name, he looked just as he was personality-wise. He was ill-mannered, loud, and always angry. Stormpaw was quite scared of him, and was afraid one day his claws would leave a scar on her if she disobeyed.

"Why did I get stuck with such a useless appentice? I don't see why you couldn't just be a medicine cat..." He shook his head, then laughed, "Now I remember why! You'd kill all that came to you for help!"

Stormpaw's brow clenched together. Her eyes filled with salty tears. This wasn't the first time something so harsh had be told to her, so she tried not to get too upset.

Stormpaw was born during a horrible storm, a storm never seen before by any elders. Starclan gave no warning as it swept past. Her mother and other siblings within the womb died from its feirceness. Apparently, Stormpaw's mother was one of the most gentle and sweet cats in Thunderclan. Stormpaw was the only one of her family to survive. The next day, Stormpaw's father was hit by a Monster. Some say he did it on purpose. Others say that Stormpaw's survival was an omen, one that would effect all those around her.

Sunsteps, Solemnpaw's mentor and Wasp-paw's mother, nursed Stormpaw for a short while. Wasp-paw never liked Stormpaw and would whine that she took time away from her being with her mother. Stormpaw loved the thought of having a family, but her only living relative was Opalstar, who would never forgive Stormpaw for the loss of his brother on the Thunderpath.

Sunsteps now called the cats in the training hollow together to go eat. She was quite lovely. Her and Wasp-paw had light tabby ginger pelts that shown yellow in harsh sunlight. Wasp-paw had white splashes of fur on her face, a paw, and tail. She was pretty as a butterfly, although as mean as a wasp. As a kit she continuously bit her mother, earning her a worthy name.

When back at camp, Stormpaw didn't bother picking up any food until everyone else did. She wanted to save herself the embrassment of another cat hissing at her or clawing at her ears. Solemnpaw walked over, his long fluffed out, tail high in the air above him.
"Stormpaw," He said with a mouth full of rabbit, "let's share!"
She smiled greatfully. Solemnpaw was perfect. Although he was born in Shadowclan, everyone in Thunderclan liked him. Stormpaw wished she was born in Shadowclan for just that reason.

She wished they liked her.

Looking awkwardly to the sky, she prayed Starclan would listen.
Stormcry's Prophecy

Apprenticeship! Huzzah!

I apologize if there are any typos.

Chapter 2: [link]

MORE HERE: [link]

Warriors (c) Erin Hunter
Characters (c) Shadowgaze
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Was she born without a tail? Or did she lose it? Btw great book! I love it :3
Shadowgaze Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She was born that way :] and thanks!
babydoll1999 Jul 5, 2011
sounds kinda like solempaw and stormpaw have relashinship
I hate that they are mean to her it"s not stormpaw"s fault
Kafoo329 Jan 22, 2010
omg! write faster! i love it! that is so sad! i think stormpaw should go to ShadowClan (because were the best, just cause!) but then she wouldn't fall in love with Solemnpaw! oh, well.
Shadowgaze Jan 22, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! You'll see what happens...
cant wait to read moree!!!
Shadowgaze Jan 20, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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